Hika (luv_hika) wrote in sesskag,

Calling all Role players! >3

If you're interested, I'm working on an au post-final act Inu RPG forum, called Yurushi.

Here's the general plot:

it's been six years since kagome was forced back into her own time after the defeat of naraku. unable to return to the feudal era, she went on with her own life in modern tokyo. now twenty-one, the miko of the future has all but convinced herself the whole ordeal was a fairytale to avoid the heartache that came with it. however, her work in the past is far from over.

it's been over a hundred and fifty years since the miko left the sengoku jidai. while the evil of naraku was defeated, things are hardly perfect. though begrudgingly, sesshomaru has allowed inuyasha to remain with him in the western lands. the humans lords have begun to get obscenely greedy with their desire for land, and threaten to start an all-out war between youkai and ningen. negotiations have been attempted, and...failed. hopefully, with bone-eaters well summoning kagome back to the past will be able to ease the tension.

with whispers of a new evil, and a new adventure to look forward to, anything is possible when it comes to strong bonds of friendship.

So, yeah. If you'd like to be apart of a literate RP community, send me a message and I'll give out the link! <3
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