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Zombie Rules

This is something me and my little sister cooked up after watching a few dumbass zombie movies. It's all in fun so bare with us... LOL

Zombie Rules

#1: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! (to quote a famous paranoid Auror from Harry Potter)

#2: Authority: always be in the driver seat unless someone other knows more than you. And than be second in command.

#3: Weapons: always keep an eye out for sharp, blunt, or firearm weapons.

#4: Escape: know your way in and out of buildings. If you have no escapes: HIDE. But make sure it's in a place that is SECURE.

#5: Groups: if you're in a group, you stay as a group. Strength in numbers. No going off to b

#6: Assholes: if there's an asshole in your group, you stick him in the group because more likely than not he'll ditch you to your own device. But than again, sometimes the asshole will save your ass from far left field.

#7: DD aka the get-away driver: More than likely you'll need a fast escape and more than likely that fast escape will be in a vehicle you brought with you or found and hot-wired. Make sure you have a driver behind the wheel ready to drive off in case you're all over-run with zombies.

#8: If all else fails, take a bullet because, honestly, who would want to live in a zombie infested world with no hope except to become one. OR... find a Nuclear Fallout Shelter (NFS) and pray that a zombie sets off all the nuclear bombs in the world to cleanse the Earth from infestation and start anew.

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